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    Inclusivity Officials
    Jan 8 th, 2018
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    FICCI partners CSCC and Inclusivity to promote SC-ST entrepreneurs

    The New Indian Express , Dec 27, 2017
    Industry body FICCI today said it has signed an agreement with the Center for the Study of Caste and Capitalism (CSCC) and its digital arm to promote the interest and growth of entrepreneurs belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.
    “The synergy between CSCC, a Dalit Not for Profit body and FICCI will help in evolving an efficient Supplier Diversity Model and in linking CSCC-Inclusivity’s SC-ST entrepreneurs with potential industries to bring about procurement from 100 SC/ST small and medium enterprises by providing them hand-holding support in the first financial year to begin with,” FICCI said in a statement.
    As a part of the collaboration envisaged under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), CSCC and FICCI will work jointly with all stakeholders such as industry experts, the government, among others, to develop strategies to enhance market access and procurement from SC/ST entrepreneurs.