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    Inclusivity Officials
    Dec 29 th, 2017

    MSME Policy Of Rajasthan

    Strategy of MSME:

    • To reduce transaction cost,
    • Improving quality of SSI products through R&D
    • District laboratories
    • BIS and ISO Certification
    • Supports research & development
    • Compliance with pollution control measures

    Institutional Support for Quality Improvement:

    • In addition to any other grant given by Government of India, RIICO will provide land at 50% of the prevailing DLC rates and the State Government shall provide 50% of capital cost for establishment of Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP)/facilities by industries associations of MSME in industrial areas/clusters. Operational/running/maintenance cost of such plants and facilities will be borne by such industries associations. This support shall be initially provided to 10 such CETPs/common effluent treatment facilities, subject to review thereafter.
    • The State Government shall bear 50% of the capital cost incurred by the MSME for establishment of effluent treatment plant/facility provided the unit uses 80% of the recycled water.
    • An industrial enterprise or R&D unit or testing laboratory filing and obtaining Patent/ISO certification during the period between 1.4.2007 and 31.12.2011 will be provided reimbursement of the expenses incurred towards this, subject to a limit of Rs. 2.00 lacs or 10 times of the fee, whichever is lower.
    • To encourage MSME/Handicrafts/Handloom units to attain international quality benchmarks, the State Government will endeavour to get regional offices/branches of national laboratories like, CLIR, CFTRI, etc. established in the State. State Government will provide land at 50% of the DLC rates and also provide part of the capital cost for setting up such laboratories/institutions
    • Research, development, and testing laboratories set up by MSME Associations will be given land at 50% of the DLC rates and may provide part of the capital cost incurred on establishment of such laboratories, subject to a limit of Rs. 2.00 crore, provided that such laboratories obtain accreditation from a national level Accreditation Board/Authority.

    Fiscal Incentives to MSMEs:

    • Exemption from Entry Tax on inputs (Raw materials, processing materials, packaging materials except fuels)
    • For Micro and Small industrial enterprises the CST shall be reduced to 0.25% only.
    • Stamp duty chargeable on loan agreements and deposit of title deed and lease contract shall be reduced to Rs. 100 per document. Stamp duty chargeable for execution of simple mortgage either in cases when the possession of the properties not transfer to loanee or when possession of property is transferred to loanee shall be reduced to Rs. 500 per document.
    • Exemption of 75% from Electricity Duty to the units located in rural areas. Rural areas mean areas outside the limits of Municipalities, Municipal Councils, Municipal Corporations, Urban Improvement Trusts and Urban Development Authorities.
    • The tax structure applicable to the KVIB/KVIC registered units which was prevailing prior to introduction of VAT has been continued for all such units.
    • A suitable arrangement shall be put in place for early refund/provisional payment of the due/accruing because of difference between input VAT and selling CST/VAT on submission of undertaking by the registered MSME.
    Rajasthan MSME Policy

    Marketing Support:

    • Tender form shall be made available at 50% of the prescribed cost.
    • Earnest money shall be deposited at 0.5% of the estimated value of purchases/services
    • Security deposit will be 1% of the value of the purchases/services
    • Following the procedure prescribed in GF&AR, even in cases where prices quoted against a tender by the small and micro enterprises located in Rajasthan are not found competitive as per applicable rules and the price of a tendering enterprise(s) from outside the State or from Large or Medium or from any other source, is adjudged lowest, the requirement 60% of stores/services, as mentioned in the tender, shall be obtained from the micro or small enterprise(s) located in Rajasthan, rendering for the items/services of purchase/hire, if, they agree to supply, at the adjudged lowest rate, provided the quality & standard & schedule of delivery & other terms and conditions, are same

    Development of the MSMEs in Cluster:

    • capacity building of human resource
    • market development assistance
    • technology adoption
    • product diversification

    Skill Training/H.R.D.:

    • For ensuring availability of skilled manpower in the State, training institutes set up in the State by National/State level institutions, may be provided free land and 50% of the capital cost involved