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    Inclusivity Officials
    Jan 5 th, 2018
    Accessing Finance-Accessing Finance-Browse By Business Needs-Browse by History No Comments



    syndicate bank msme policy
    • SyndMSE: Simplified Scheme to meet credit requirement of entrepreneurs of all Micro and Small Enterpruners.
    • SyndTransport:Scheme for Financing Transport \ Operators.
    • SyndTextile:Scheme for Financing Textile Units including Textile Traders/Readymade/Cloth Merchants
    • SyndMarble:Scheme for Financing Marble, Granite and Stone Crushing Units including Traders
    • SyndContractor: Scheme for Financing all Registered A class contractors
    • SyndLaghu Udyami Credit Card :Hassle free credit for loans up to Rs.10 lac.
    • SyndLaghu Udyami Artisans credit card :this scheme is for artisans only.
    • Weavers Credit Card Schme :Scheme for weavers up to Rs 2.00 lac.
    • SyndVyapar Improved:Credit requirement of Traders, Professional &self employed upto  200 lac under Medium Enterprises.
    • Synd MahilaShakthi:This scheme is launched for women entrepreneurs who wants to set up an enterprise.