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    Apr 7 th, 2018
    Browse By Industry-Manufacturing No Comments

    Why SMEs Must Focus on Branding, Packaging and Advertising?

    As a small business owner you should always focus on promoting their products and innovating their technology and services. Problem is, most SMEs undervalue the importance of branding, and fail to market their companies effectively.

    A general opinion in the market is that the product and its performance are important. Packaging is the technology of protecting products for distributing, storage and sale. The main use of packaging is to protect the product in preparing products for transportation, warehousing, logistics, sale and end use but the importance of packaging and branding has changed over time.  Apart from providing protection to the product brand helps in

    1. Identification
    2. Promotion
    3. Marketing
    4. Convenience

    Product packaging is a great marketing tool; they provide great recognition and promotion in the form of store advertising. As they are easily recognized and remain in consumer’s memory for a long time utmost care should be taken to project the right image for your product. Well designed and branded products helps consumer remember your product next time they are shopping. It also ensures that they reach the end consumer intact and in great condition.

    Most of the small scale entrepreneurs do Branding:

    One of the most important part is the consumer behavior, a consumer purchases with confident and ease if he is familiar with the product. Brands which are easy to recognize attracts more trusts and sales. Consider thinking about the most famous brands, brands like Nestle, Pepsi, Dettol, we all remember their logos, their packaging. The products instill trust in the customer and makes the purchasing decision very easy.

    Using Logos and branding will help consumer recognize your product, a logo can be made of words, colour, art, pictures etc.

    It also serves as a differentiator. Most of the Small scale industries manufacture similar products with nearly the same specifications eg. 10 manufactures are producing the same product, the brand and the packaging differentiates you from the competition. This creates a unique identity for your products and the company ; also customers get attached to the brand. This customer who can relate to the brand serves as the ambassador of the company.

    It is very difficult for SMEs to brand themselves inorganically as it is a money gulping exercise. The best w

    Your product’s packaging can be a helpful marketing tool through in-store advertising. Branded products are easily recognized, so designing packaging with your logo front and center helps consumers remember your product next time they are shopping. Consider what your packaging is saying about your product and your brand. Is it good? Can it be better? It’s also wise to think about what messages your product’s packaging is conveying to shoppers and consumers.

    Brand Recognition

    Take a moment to think about some of your favorite brands. They all have one thing in common: they are memorable. Over the decades, brands like Coke have made minor changes to their packaging and stayed true to their original look. Keep in mind that recognizable brands should not change a thing because many successful brands that changed their logo, colors or packaging have seen a sort of backlash from shoppers after making a big change.

    Packaging is the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use.

    If you are a small business owner, it is extremely important for you to understand various ways of upgrading your venture. One of the best ways to take your business to new heights is by focusing on branding, packaging and advertising, as these add value to the product you intend to sell.

    To understand the importance of branding, packaging and advertising, let us have a look at the following example. You go to the market and look for a product – you find similar products of two different brands, one being sold loose, about which you are unaware, and the other one that has been packed properly, about which you already know through advertisements. Which product will you buy? Of course the one that has been packed properly, and about which you are well-aware; right? Now imagine the same with your product. Your product should be the one that is picked by people as soon as they see it. This is possible only when you focus on branding, packaging and advertising.

    Let us have a look at what each one means:

    • Branding: Your product or services should be identified easily by means of a logo, design, name or a symbol. Branding done in the right manner increases the value of your product or services. People buy products based on the name of the brand alone.
    • Packaging: A product that is packed properly reflects the quality of your services. Make sure your product reaches your customers in a good condition, and is also inclusive of details that must be known by a customer before using the product.
    • Advertising: Your branding and packaging strategy will be successful only when your audience gets to know about it. Let your audience know about your products and services through various forms of advertising.

    Now that you know what each of these terms mean, let us understand why all of them are important for your business. SMEs face various challenges and competition from the large enterprises. To handle both efficiently, they need to create a proper branding, packaging and advertising strategy. This can help an SME to carve a niche of its own, and in return will ensure the growth and development of the enterprise.

    How to Create the Right Branding Strategy?

    • Understand the needs of your clients.
    • Prioritize the requirements, and plan your marketing strategy accordingly.
    • Create a strategy that helps in securing your brand’s position.
    • The final step is to convert all your strategies into activities.

    How to Create the Right Advertising Strategy?

    • Create a strategy that define your goals. Make a note of all that you want to accomplish with the help of your advertisement.
    • Once your objectives are clear, you need to create a strategy that can help you achieve your goals.

    How to Create the Right Packaging Strategy?

    • Your product should be packed in a simplified form. The customer should know what the product can be used for, and of which brand is it.
    • The packaging design should show what the actual product is, so that when the customer opens the packet, he/she gets exactly what was expected by him/her.
    • The elements used in your product must be told to the customers honestly. Make sure every element used is mentioned in your product’s packet.