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    Inclusivity Officials
    Jan 2 nd, 2018
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    NABARD has been continuously focusing on bringing in various stakeholders on a common platform and building their capacities to take the initiatives forward. This has resulted in tremendous growth of microfinance sector in India through different approaches like:

    1. Training of Trainers, LDMs, Bank officers for Stand-Up India
    2. Arrange for handholding support for trainee borrowers
    3. Liaise with banks for follow up in potential cases through the LDM
    4. Coordinate with LDM for easing bottlenecks
    5. Assist the SLBC and DLCC in reviews and monitoring

    Through SIDBI Stand up India Portal & NABARD:

    1. Rural Self- Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs)
    2. Vocational Training Centers
    3. MSME Development Institutes
    4. State SC/ST Development & Financial Corporations Industry Associations
    5. District Industries Centers
    6. Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DICCI)
    7. Skilling Centers
    8. Women Entrepreneurial Associations

    Lead District Manager (LDM) :

    1. Serve as contact point for SIDBI / NABARD
    2. Follow up with the concerned regional/ zonal office of the respective bank branch.
    3. Ensure that borrower’s requirement of handholding support is satisfied to the extent possible.
    4. Participate in quarterly events with stakeholders organized by NABARD.
    5. Sensitize bankers on potential borrowers.